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He has sold over 75 million records and that makes him to be among the best selling artist in the world.

With success like that, you can bet that he has an active social life.

She was an MTV veejay from the late 1990s until 2001, when she left the network to host her own broadcast syndicated television talk show, The Ananda Lewis Show.

In grade school she earned a reputation for outspokenness; her comments provoked her teachers' ire or, less often, their amusement.

I know now that I shoulnd't have listened to the screwed-up stuff they were saying, but peer pressure can be so over-whelming.

It's part of the reason I lost my virginity to a 19-year-old guy who was my ex-boyfriend at the time. I didn't want to have sex with him, but he pushed me into it.

I don't know exactly what triggered it, but in a flash I realised that I was letting my insecurity about relationships screw me up. But I never had any one around to present a strong male figure.

As I got older, my relationships never really made me feel good about myself.

Love is when a week ago I go to the ER at UCLA, where I work, for a cough and feeling that “something isn’t right,” and even though my complaints are mild, I’m brought right in and treated respectfully.

Love is when the chest X-ray comes back with some abnormal findings, and the ER attending attentively points out the fuzzy mass in my chest and the collections of fluid around my lungs.

Lewis has credited her mother, grandmother, and sister for providing her with a positive, supportive environment.

By her own account, as she grew older she felt increasingly upset by her parents' divorce.