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She recieved letters from all sorts of haters and admirers: letters fans of the aesthetics of her fashion spreads, from perverts who masturbated to her image, but most of her fan mail came from young girls aged “10 to 15, seeking [her] advice about how to become what I was only pretending to be.Those girls wanted the model's “tips and [her] beauty secrets” but she was unwilling to expose “the destructive behaviors and inner torment” so she'd just respond with autographed pictures and hope the darkness would stay hidden––even from herself.He is one of the successful actors in the industry.Although he's rarely seen in the movies nowadays, he has made a mark in the film industry and let's not forget to mention that he's a boxing legend.Philip was a loner, and an amateur body-builder, pumping himself in a way now replicated by his son. Those who are hurt when young often expend a lot of energy ensuring that they will never be hurt again, and this is relevant when one observes that his life looks like one long bar-room brawl.

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With two failed marriages and incomplete love stories hanging in his past, we could definitely learn a lot from his personal life.“Jazzercise three times a week and light weights,” I'd say.The heavily guarded truth was that I exercised a minimum of two hours a day, seven days a week. He is six foot tall, walks like a docker with a kind of swaggering roll, and is all blown up like a steroid superstar. But his long thin hair has golden girly highlights and he owns chihuahuas who have been known to wear jumpers. But at least his memory is returning; there was a time when he could not have told you what he had done last night, which, judging from his past record, was probably a good thing. He has zapped down the Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu, hunched up in his Mini. Women loved him from the moment he appeared as The Motorcyle Boy in Coppola's Rumble Fish (1983) to the moment he came on as an urbane deviant in 9 1/2 Weeks (1986). He still owns a gold-plated Rolls-Royce, but he drives a 1963 Mini Cooper, racing green. His hands have been broken and there has been irreparable nerve damage. Lord, he was cute when he was young - that soft voice, the black eyes, the atmosphere of gentle menace. She is on the advisory board of The Model Alliance and is an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association. D., Otis is currently writing a book for women about positive body image,…, in 2011.