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The Ball Perfect Mason was a brand of glass fruit jar (canning jar) made by the Ball Bros. Glass jars with this embossed marking probably constitute the most popular jar for home canning ever produced in the United States.
All too often you get bit by the travel bug and the only known cure is to pull out your passport and board a plane to distant lands.

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Weniger User haben den Vorteil, der Chat ist übersichtlicher und es geht familiärer zu. Er wurde vor etwa 4 Jahren gegründet und es werden dort täglich neue Ideen verwirklicht, vor allem auch Ideen der User.Wer Spiel, Spass, Spannung und vieles mehr sucht, der ist im Cleef richtig.Also probiert den Cleef selber aus und bildet euch ein Urteil.hier gehts zum cleef: Machen Sie Ihre eigenen Full-Option-Chat, nur 10€ pro Monat, Und für ein Jahr nur 100€! Working from mill drawings and a thorough understanding of each application KELK application specialists will determine the best tension measurement solution and prepare a detailed installation drawing - free of charge - for the customer to consider.Included will be whatever frames, brackets, sensing rolls, supplementary rolls, bearings, etc. Such items may be obtained locally by the customer but are also available from KELK together with the main Tensiometer equipment and associated electronics.

“It looks like Harold is growing.” “I was thinking the same,” answered Thomas.I think the elevation is getting to us.” The next morning, they saw Harold stand up and walk outside, climb onto the roof, and he stayed there all night.They made it out of straw and gave it a pointy nose and tiny eyes, like Harold’s.The accurate derivation of strip tension requires either knowledge or control of the entry and exit angles of the strip as it is pulled over the sensing roll.In some mills and processing lines these angles are fixed by secondary idler or damming rolls, while in others they may vary during measurement, requiring electronic compensation.Es gibt dort ein sehr schönes Forum, Spiele, ein Quiz, welches sehr oft besucht wird weiterhin einen Shop, wo man viele Sachen kaufen kann.