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Is niall horan dating janet devlin

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He released his first EP in 2005, and then went on to release two albums over the course of the next three years.He began to gain a small following while performing at smaller venues in and around London.A source told the tabloid: “There isn’t anyone left in the show who would suit Coldplay’s music apart from Janet. It shows how confident everyone is that Janet will make the final.” As well as Coldplay, Marcus Collins.The third superstar is currently unknown, with Olly Murs revealing that he would love to sing with Little Mix if they reach the final.The pair have kissed at awards ceremonies, hung out in Japan and last summer the Little Things singer even proposed marriage.Unfortunately Katy was dating singer / songwriter John Mayer at the time. 3: JENNIFER LOPEZ Back in his X Factor days a gorgeously baby faced Niall gave a very telling interview in which he revealed his first kiss was with a foreign exchange student but, more importantly, he revealed that his first ever celebrity crush was J Lo. ” Watch foetus Niall getting all hot and bothered here….

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