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If you’re a busy person – probably a 25 year old on an intern’s ‘expenses only’ wage - typing your fingers to the bone in the City every night, investing time in navigating an even slightly complicated website is too much.

If you don’t want your passing employer to see tangible proof of your loneliness over your shoulder, you’ll also have to wait until you’re home at antisocial hours after a gruelling day. And this is exactly the idea behind Tinder, an app which works by connecting with your Facebook and displaying four (carefully chosen) photographs of you to potential suitors within a few miles’ radius.

But, you say, my friend met her husband and they hit it off with the spark right away, and they've been in love for 15 years and she still feels the spark!

Like I said, it can happen, it's just a coincidence. In fact, I might go as far to say that it didn't really happen.

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When you are young, too much about your core self is malleable, and that’s how it should be.I was poly for about four years, and have been in a monogamous relationship for over two years.Being poly was a wonderful thing, and taught me a great deal about what I wanted and what I didn’t. She went on to say that while she loved him very much, she knew it was never going to work out in the long term because she never felt that elusive spark. This woman was talking about a man who she feels is her best friend. I know this is an extreme example, and most, if not all of us would be smart enough to say “yes” to this guy and start growing old together, but the reality is that a version of this happens to so many of us all the time.. I had to read it again, just to make sure I wasn't missing something. It was such a reminder of what settling really is and isn't.Dating usually implies that you are meeting people you want to see again.