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If you clicked one of the album sub-trees of Radiohead, the playlist would update to show just the songs from that album.

Also, if you type a phrase in the Filter box below the Album List, you can make the playlist automatically contain all the tracks that match.

I'm not sure when this playlist feature disappeared, but I have since reinstalled foobar2000 a few times and I can't get the feature back.

I've tried Googling but I'm not sure what the feature was called. Look for a checkbox in the preferences labeled album selection playlist, iirc.

The Remember Selected Playlists setting is used to save time when you are syncing.

When performing a Wi Fi sync, playlists will automatically be remembered from the previous sync.

I'm too old (and too busy) to rate my songs, or individually pick songs out to put on a playlist (I just drag entire artists onto the playlists), which is why they have gotten so big. This would screw things up if a song was in multiple playlists too.

@limbodog I honestly can't sympathize w/ Apple too much on this one.

You might want to look into the facets component too.

It's very nice for browsing through your collection and introduces the old autoplaylists functionality.